Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"The List"

A few years ago a movie came out, The Bucket List, and although I've never seen it, nor had I'd heard the term prior to the movie, I've been amazed at how many people now refer to their lists of goals as a "bucket list." I know some may argue that a "bucket list" differs from their career or personal goals, but to me, they all fall under the same umbrella. So, without further ado, here are a few items from "my list:"

1. Be a great father and husband - if this isn't #1 on a guys list, they're mistaken!

2. Get healthy - been trying to eat healthy and lose all the "sympathy" weight from my latest surgery. I'm down a total of 16 since the start of summer. I'm getting there, just not quite as fast as I would like.

3. Go skydiving - I got a small taste of this while on vacation in Gatlinburg this summer. Mark Tremayne and I went indoor skydiving. It was a blast, but left me wanting the read deal even more. Here is a pic from that experience:

4. Complete a triathlon - This goes hand in had with #2. I made this a goal when I had surgery. I've been training for quite some time now under the guidance of Carrie McCoy and the JustTri team. I recently competed in the bike portion of a sprint relay triathlon. I averaged 17mph for 16 miles. I had the help of Jacque Christian, who happens to be competing in an Ironman Triathlon this Sunday, for the swim, and Gregg Ryder for the run. We had a blast and finished 2nd in the mixed relay...out of two teams...ha. I will be teaming up with Mark Tremayne in a duathlon relay on the 26th. Here is a pic of me right after I finished my ride in the Outer Limits Triathlon:

5. Go to the Super Bowl - hopefully on February 6th watching the Bengals take home their first Super Bowl Championship.

6. Go to the World Series - hopefully this October cheering on the Red legs.

7. Work for The Ohio State University - I worked for the football team during my college days, I have 2 degrees from there, and would love to work there in some capacity some day.

8. Write a book - those of you that have followed my journey, know how much I would love to write a book that could somehow impact people in some way.

9. Start my own charity/foundation - once you become an amputee, you realize just how screwed up health care really is, and how limitations set by insurance companies have an adverse effect on us. If I can simply raise enough money to help one person receive the prosthetic they desire, then my foundation would be a huge success.

10. Go to the Olympics - I don't think this item needs any explanation!

11. Inspire others to live their passion and chase their dreams/become a motivational speaker - I love talking to people about my outlook on life and prove to others that no matter how hard things may first appear, it is imperative to keep fighting and you will succeed!!!

12. Love life - this has been something I have set out to do for as long as I can remember. We only get one of them, so we may as well make the best out of it!!!

13. STAY STRONG!!! - enough said!

As I said, these are just a few things I would like to accomplish during my remaining days. I'm sure I will continue to add, delete, and modify items from this list. "My list" will always be a work in progress and serve as a reflection of my current life. So, for once, a rough draft will suffice for my final paper.

Until we meet again, take care, remain positive, and stay strong!!!


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